Square Dowels Bars

Square Dowels Bars

A mechanical connection between slabs without restricting horizontal joint movement

  • 350 Grade Steel Stronger steel bar maintains flat floors for longer periods.
  • Bar material complies to AS/NZS 3679.1 Ensuring the quality and consistency of bars
  • HGD complies to AS/NZS 4680 Better galvanisation for greater bar life in concrete.
  • All testing done in Australia by NATA certified Laboratory All the bars tested by independent tester as per latest standards.



Slab with Standard dowel bar over time

Slab with Precastpro dowel bar over time

  • Most Major Competitors supply 300 grade dowel
  • Precastpro Dowel Bar is supplied in a superior grade strength 350
  • Weaker grades are available on application, for less load sensitive projects that are also price sensitive


Standard stocked sizes

Size Length Pack
DOW.S.G.16.400 DOW.S.B.16.400 16 mm Sq. 400 mm 10 pc
DOW.S.G.16.450 DOW.S.B.16.450 450 mm 10 pc
DOW.S.G.20.450 DOW.S.B.20.450 20 mm Sq. 450 mm 10 pc
DOW.S.G.20.500 DOW.S.B.20.500 500 mm 5 pc
DOW.S.G.25.450 DOW.S.B.25.450 25 mm Sq. 450 mm 10 pc
DOW.S.G.25.500 DOW.S.B.25.500 500 mm 5 pc
DOW.S.G.25.600 DOW.S.B.25.600 600 mm 5 pc
DOW.S.G.28.500 DOW.S.B.28.500 28 mm Sq. 500 mm 5 pc
DOW.S.G.28.600 DOW.S.B.28.600 600 mm 5 pc
DOW.S.G.32.500 DOW.S.B.32.500 32 mm Sq. 500 mm 5 pc

Custom sizes available on application

Important Tip

  • Dowels increase the initial cost between 5 to 8 percent, but increase the load carrying capacity over 100 percent.
  • The greater the grade of steel dowel the more efficient and stronger the load capacity.

Application Instruction

Step 1

Fix the nailing plate with a nail

Step 2

Slide the conduit into the nail plate, ensuring the plug on the other end is in place

Step 3

Pour slab, Nail plate and plug will prevent concrete leaking into the sleeve

Step 4

FStrip formwork, Nailplate will come off with formwork.

Step 5

Insert the Precastpro steel dowel bar into the sleeve. Half of the Precastpro dowel bar will sit in the Precastpro sleeve, the remaining half will protrude from the concrete slab.

Step 6

Pour slab, Nail plate and plug will prevent concrete leaking into the sleeve

Step 7

The result, the slabs will move while the concrete is contracting. They then return to the original correct position when expanding.
The Precastpro Dowel bar and kit assists to eliminate both slabs, along the joint lines dropping and maintains a level joint.

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