Plate Dowel System & Sleeves

Plate Dowel System & Sleeves

Allows horizontal slab movement in two directions

  • 350 Grade Steel High strength carbon structural steel.
  • Plate material complies to AS/NZS 3679.1 Ensuring the quality and consistency of bars
  • HGD complies to AS/NZS 4680 Better galvanisation for longer bar life in concrete
  • All testing done in Australia by NATA certified Laboratory All the plates are batch tested by independent tester as per latest standards



Plate Dowels

A range of efficient plate dowel load transfer systems for contraction free movement joints designed for use with traditional methods of formed joint construction with timber formwork (construction joint).
Available in Plain Steel, Electro Zinc Plated or Hot Dip Galvanized finish, for use in interior and exterior applications.

Code GAL Code Black Size Joint Opening Pack
L  W T
DOW.P.G.110.110.06 DOW.P.B.110.110.06 110 mm 110 mm 6 mm 0~15 mm 10 pc
DOW.P.G.135.150.06 DOW.P.B.135.150.06 135 mm 150 mm 6 mm 0~15 mm 10 pc
DOW.P.G.175.145.08 DOW.P.B.175.145.08 175 mm 145 mm 8 mm 15~20 mm 10 pc
DOW.P.G.150.150.10 DOW.P.B.150.150.10 150 mm 150 mm 10 mm 15~20 mm 10 pc
DOW.P.G.110.110.10 DOW.P.B.110.110.10 110 mm 110 mm 10 mm 0~15 mm 10 pc

Plate Dowels Sleeves

Code Suits Plate
DOW.SL.P.06 6 mm
DOW.SL.P.08 8 mm
DOW.SL.P.10 10 mm

Application Instruction

Step 1

Nail the sleeve to formwork in the middle of the height of the slab

Step 2

Pour concrete, unique ring in the sleeve prevents concrete slurry leaking in the sleeve

Step 3

Insert the metal dowel plate in the sleeve, half of the dowel bar will go in and other half protruding out of the concrete

Step 4

Pour the remaining slab

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