We can provide propping design using standard PrecastPro Props. We can also perform a deadman design. This is either provided as a raw data, but if we are doing the shop drawings it will appear on the actual drawings. We also sell & hire props.

Prop Categories

Model Closed Full Extension Mass
Trench Mini 1m 35kn 1.7m 35kn 20kg
Mini 2.4m 35kN 4.1m 25kN 36kg
Mini 2 3.1m 35kN 4.8m 21kN 41kg
Standard 4.4m 35kn 7m 11.4kN 61kg
Special 5.7m 25kN 9.4m 5.5kN 70kg
Jumbo 6.4m 35kN 11.3m 6kN 106kg
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Propping Design

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