Cast-In Plates – Shear Studs

Cast-In Plates – Shear Studs

  • Complies to AS3850 – Rigorously tested to conform to AS3850
  • Quality Steel – Made from quality steel, not ship scraps plates, re-purposed or reconditioned materials
  • Recess formers and Accessories – All accessories are available to speedup your job


Cast-in plates are used to tie/ fix concrete panels to each other. They are used in panels, slabs and civil concrete products. Also to fix uprights and roofing beams to the concrete panels/slabs. In certain projects (where applicable) cast-in plate are used in conjunction with panel clips and frames (I beams). This can eliminate the majority of panel braces required. This saves rigging time and brace hire.

he majority of cast-in plates are sourced from local steel fabricators. Generally these are not ordered early enough. As a result extensive delays are common. PrecastPro manufacture and stock the most common cast-in plates. This ensures rapid order fulfillment. PrecastPro cast-in plates are mass produced. Hence tighter quality control, adherence to industry standards and are more economical.


Length Width Plate Height Type Studs Black HDG
200 mm 200 mm 12 mm 85 mm Type 2 2 x 2
200 mm 200 mm 12 mm 85 mm Type 2 x 2
200 mm 200 mm 12 mm 120 mm Type 2 2 x 2
200 mm 200 mm 12 mm 120 mm Type 1 2 x 2
300 mm 200 mm 16 mm 120 mm Type 2 3 x 2
400 mm 200 mm 16 mm 120 mm Type 2 4 x 2
500 mm 200 mm 16 mm 120 mm Type 2 5 x 2


Cast-in plate accessories are available. Product such as PrecastPro recess formers, PrecastPro Cast-in plate stands/ spacers etc speed up and reduce the opportunity of tardy installation, which can cause additional costs.

PrecastPro Recess formers are manufactured from HDPE. These saves the subcontractor from fashioning expensive time consuming timber inserts with an extremely limited life. The accuracy of the cover is ensured, plus unlike the timber inserts are easily removed. Concrete will not stick to HDPE. PrecastPro Cast-in plate stands/spacers quickens installation and positions the plate at the optimum level and height.

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